Friday, 14 October 2011

Modern Chairs Designs

Modern 2 seater chair made of leather. It is designed in a black and white theme, the neck rest are designed in such a way that they can be adjusted according to the size of the person.

Modern rocking chair. The chair is made of thick wood and the joints all made with wood. These rocking chairs can be used by elder people as it give relaxation to the back pain problems.

Glass Chair

Ultra modern glass chair. This chair is made of steel metal and glass. The steel material makes the skeleton of the chair and the seating and leaning portion of the chair is made of single glass. This portion is semi circle in shape and we can use cushion over the glass portion for better comfort.

Square Chair

Modern square chair. These chairs are made in basic colors like white, black and yellow, but the handle side will have contrasting colors. These types of chairs make your living room beautiful.  

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Modern Day Furniture

Modern semi Sleeper

Modern Semi Sleeper attached with TV Armoire arrangement. This Furniture is designed in such a way the person lying the sleeper can rest his back and his neck will be in an inclined position to watch the televisiojn set. It also has media storage spaces.

Tree model sofa

Modern Sofa with Tree theme. The back rests are designed like trees branches and the seater is designed in green material. This Kind of  Livingroom furniture attracts our guest and will give a pleasant look to our house.


Ottomans With tree and Plant decoration on it. Ottomans neither have back nor arms , it is just a upholstered seat. 

Modern Chair

Modern Chair without handle and back rest. These chairs are made of a single mold and has a short legs.These chairs give your house beautiful look.